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Supergirl Costumes
Ufi Mart sells Supergirl costumes, and many other costumes, masks, wigs, hats, and accessories. Our shop is located in Glen Waverley, Victoria, Melbourne (Australia).

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justice league Supergirl adult costumeJustice league Supergirl Adult costume (click for price) secret wishes SupergirlSecret wishes Supergirl (click for price) Supergirl adult costumeSupergirl Adult costume (click for price) Supergirl pink child costumeSupergirl Pink Child costume (click for price)

Supergirl is Superman's cousin in the DC comics. She was created by Otto Binder in 1959. In May 2011, Supergirl placed 94th on IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time.
Supergirl has flight, strength, heat vision, super-hearing.
Supergirl's own words stating her mission "My mother sent me on a mission to Earth to find my father's killer".
Supergirl's Friends and her Enemies.

Supergirl toddler costumeSupergirl Toddler costume (click for price) Superman child costumeSuperman Child costume (click for price) Superman child vinyl wigSuperman Child
Vinyl Wig (click for price)
Superman collectors edition adult costumeSuperman collectors Edition Adult costume (click for price)
supergirl's love interest is Lex Luthor II, son of Lex, in the saga of the Death and Return of Superman. actually turns out to be Lex himself, who had his brain transplanted in a younger body -a clone of himself- after his death.
She also falls for Brainiac 5 and that is the reason why, in the comics, she leaves the Earth and goes to live in the future with him and the Legion.
Superman adult costumeSuperman Adult costume (click for price) Superman easy wearSuperman Easy Wear (click for price) Superman muscle chest adult costumeSuperman Muscle chest adult costume (click for price) Superman muscle chest child costumeSuperman Muscle chest child costume (click for price)

1.Justice League : The New Frontier 2008 Video.

Wonder Woman was played by Lucy Lawless

An alternate history of the Justice League of America which imagines Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and other iconic DC Comics heroes pulling together to battle an alien menace during the Cold War, taking place from 1953-1961.

2. Supergirl 1973 The Maid of Might vs zombies, giant frogs and a mad scientist!

Pinky Montilla
was the voice of Supergirl/Neneng

3.SuperGirl Dc Comics Brings you the story of A young woman searching for an orb of immense power travels to Earth, and there instantly acquires super abilities. Standing in her way is an evil and powerful sorceress, who has captured the orb in order to supercharge her black magic.

Supergirl was played by Helen Slater in 1984.

4.Superman/Batman: Apocalypse 2010 video.
Superman and Batman investigate an alien pod crashed on Earth, revealing Kara, Superman's cousin and a kryptonian with the same powers as the Man of Steel. Based on the book by Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner.

Summer Glau was the voice of Supergirl

5. Superman: Unbound 2013
An upcoming Superman animated DTV film.

Molly C. Quinn was the voice of Supergirl.

Superman muscle chest dix
Superman Muscle Chest
Dix (click for price)
Smallville Tv Show 2001-2011 Laura Vandervoort - Kara (supergirl) (23 episodes) 2007-2004.

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